Welcome to Jonah Affordable Housing Organization’s website.   Let us help you find an affordable home.  JAHO is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization located in Jackson, Tennessee.  We serve individuals and families living in Madison, Crockett, Gibson, and Haywood Counties.  And we are here to help you.

Mission Statement

The mission of Jonah Affordable Housing is to develop affordable rental and homeownership opportunities for low to moderate income families located in the City of Jackson and surrounding counties.

Vision Statement
To develop effective lasting partnerships that will assist Jonah Affordable Housing Organization in improving the lives of residents who seek decent, safe and affordable housing.

Values Statement
Jonah Affordable Housing will always promote integrity in all of our relationships by keeping our promises, generating positive solutions, creatively embracing diversity and supporting the achievements of mutual benefit with our stakeholders. We commit to creating a dignified workplace based on honest, open and respectful communication, as well as fair unbiased treatment of each other and all of those with whom we conduct our business. We seek to provide knowledge, information, guidance and direction by creating common understanding, accepting responsibility and making informed sound decisions.